A Little Errata

Anyone who has previously visited this page knows that the clothbound edition had several mistakes, most of which I documented here as an errata sheet.  Thankfully, all of those errors have been corrected and new information worked into the paperback edition due out the first week of November 2010.  Since then, however, I have had a series of email exchanges with a young scholar from Düsseldorf named Jan Peter Bäumer.  On page 99 of the book, I mention Monk’s trio gig at the Spotlite in 1944 where he played with Max Roach and bassist W. O. Smith.  The dates for the engagement (late August) I took from Chris Sheridan’s massive discography. As Mr. Bäumer pointed out, however, the Spotlite did not open until the first week of November.  So Monk could not have been there then.  I do think the venue is correct but the dates are wrong, though it’s also quite possible that Mr. Smith misremembered the venue.  Either way, this is a small discrepancy but worth noting.  Unfortunately, it came to my attention before I could fix it in the paperback.